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Digital Photography Allows YOU To Do Pro-Quality Work

Digital Photography Allows YOU To Do Pro-Quality Work
by: Michael Rohrer

Is there any reason that YOU cannot take professional quality photographs? Not any more. We are in the digital age – and for photographers (by the way, that’s you) this is good news! You do not need a lab full of darkness and chemicals to set up a darkroom – digital allows you to take control of every step of your photography – from shooting, to loading on your computer, to editing and printing your images – all from your desk (or the kitchen table, if you so desire).

You can do it all! Rather than be amazed at what the pros can do – be amazed at what YOU can do! Digital photography allows YOU to do what, formerly, was reserved for the pros:
remove red eye
remove shadows
crop unwanted objects
crop for close ups
clone out undesirables
change an image to black & white or sepia
adjust the background
make a collage of special images

And this is just the beginning.
You can do a tummy tuck and never leave the house
You can melt away years with a clickety-click
You can wave goodbye to wrinkles

Of course, there is much more you can do in editing your images, but you get the point.

Another digital photography beauty is the ability to shoot your people or events and view them ON THE SPOT! This can be done either through your digital camera’s viewfinder or by loading onto your computer. When you are shooting special events in your life this is a real plus. Getting developed rolls of film back from a reunion or vacation is heartbreaking if something went wrong (and even someone having their eyes closed, if it is during a wedding portrait, is “something wrong”).

Practice makes perfect! If you believe this AT ALL, you can better understand why digital photography can help you learn to do great photography. Watch someone taking photographs with a medium format camera. At $$ per pop, notice how careful they are as to what they shoot, and how often. With digital you have no such limitations. You can shoot 300 pictures of sunsets, waterfalls, wildlife, wedding photos or your grandkids, and it is not a pain in the billfold.

This does not mean go out and shotgun blast everything you see. You still want to keep in mind the need to have a reason (theme) for taking a photography - think about how to focus attention on it, removing what distracts from your theme, and adding whatever attracts or highlights your theme, to make it a great photograph. However if you subscribe to “practice makes perfect” I hope you also agree with the guide “repetition for emphasis.”

When you learn ONE thing in the field of photography, digital allows you to put it into application immediately and without limit.

Digital cameras are becoming even more affordable for the average shutterbug. You can purchase a quality point and shoot digital camera or a pro-sumer DSLR and neither will require a home loan.

Yes, digital photography is not only the wave of the future – it is a wonderful way for you to enjoy one of the truly great hobbies and – for some – a very rewarding career!

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