Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ultra-gloss photo paper and white Inkjet water-resistant Vinyl

So now you have a nice digital photograph. What do you want to do with it? Print it? If so Planet Labels. While Planet Labels specialises in labels, they also have Premium Ultra Gloss Photo Paper 4 x 6 and White Inkjet Water-Resistant Vinyl 2 x 8 Rectangle on offer. See Premium Ultra Gloss Photo Paper and White Inkjet Water-Resistant Vinyl.

Planet Labels says their Premium Ultra Gloss Photo Paper uses a 10 mil paper that is coated with a UV and water resistant gloss topcoat that instantly "locks" the ink in place, making a shiny, smear free photo which is acid free and PH neutral, ensuring that your photos will not yellow and which you can enjoy for years. They guarantee that their inkjet printable photo paper will match the quality of the branded companies products or you get your money back.

Planet Labels also claims that their White Inkjet Water-Resistant Vinyl inkjet water resistant vinyl rectangle uses a topcoating which causes the inkjet inks to dry instantly and permanently even when exposed to moisture, are made with an extra strength adhesive and can withstand temperatures in extreme heat and sub-zero conditions. They say their brilliant white face stock can be printed using the highest dpi setting, allowing you to create beautiful images. You can use them to stick on items like water bottles and other items which are exposed to water. How you put them up to use is completely up to your imagination and creativity.

Check them out for your digital photo printing needs.